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The New Series:  all painted with my hands/fingers (no brushes) / 12 pieces / 3 feet x 4 feet / Acrylic on Canvas (ordered by, they are the best!!! great products and  great customer service, every artist should be getting there supplies from REXART)

All work is framed on a ‘floating frame’ (I like to thank AC Moore for doing such an amazing job, the staff as well were very nice and supportive)

As a child I have always wanted to go to Paris but I was always waiting for that right moment. Well, I had just turned 40 and I decided it was time. I booked a 2 week trip and off I went all by myself – it was the best decision I ever made. The series is definitely inspired by my summer trip to Paris, by the people I met and by the things I experienced. Paris was magical in so many ways, and everything about it still remains cheriched in my heart.

The work also reflects my life when I returned back to NY. When I came back I had so much to express and to share so I started painting immediately and never stopped until I was done with my series. Funny how life can influence one’s art and how one’s art can influence one’s life. The work was done in 2 months straight. It is the first time in which I used only my fingers to create my paintings, I don’t think I can ever go back to brushes, lol well we’ll see, experimenting is everything when it comes to painting.

Hope you enjoy my work. ❤ Erocksny

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To view pictures from event click on this link:

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